Agents Plan Joint Efforts

April 16, 2013

As American Airlines and US Airways moved closer to merger this week, filing documents with bankruptcy court that laid out the step-by-step merger process, agents for the two airlines prepared to work together to gain representation that would give us the right to negotiate industry-leading standards.

The documents filed in bankruptcy court outlined how the companies arrived at the merger agreement, including how they would share ownership. As a prelude to a restructuring plan for the new company, which would be called American Airlines Group Inc., the filing seeks to reinstate a $20 million bonus for CEO Tom Horton, which was rejected by the court earlier.

Meanwhile, agents made clear that we want to be part of making the new American Airlines the best, not just the largest, for both employees and our customers. CWA, which already represents the US Airways agents, has started training agents to be stewards at work while US Airways agents are mobilizing to ensure they retain representation.

In some areas, agents from the two airlines have started working together to build support and keep the momentum going for representation.

The merger between American Airlines and US Airways has been approved by both the AMR bankruptcy judge and shareholders and is awaiting federal regulatory approval from the Department of Justice. We expect it to be approved sometime during the third quarter this year, possibly in August.

Agents at US Airways are currently renegotiating their contract.  They will continue to work under their contract and we will work under our work rules until we decide about representation. This means US Airways agents will continue to climb through their pay progression, and work with protections against outsourcing, among other work rules.

In the coming months we will release more detailed comparisons of agents/reps at American Airlines and US Airways. Don’t be surprised if management offers us some sort of compensation to blunt our efforts for a voice perhaps profit sharing, increase in holidays and holiday pay, or some other type of compensation.

If you wish to get involved, contact us at 817-868-9933 or send us an email to [email protected]. Join us in working together with our fellow employees at US Airways. Also, let us know if you took an early out or retired.