December 2014 Bargaining Update

December 19, 2014

Your CWA/IBT Association Negotiating Committee met this month in Dallas on December 17 and 18.

On Wednesday, December 17th, we met with the company and advised them in an opening statement that we were excited to be at the table with a company that is doing so well financially. We began the session by passing proposals to the company for Article 1-Purpose of Agreement, Article 8-Seniority, Article 11-Seasonal Employee Transfer, Article 16-Medical Examinations, Article 22-Probation, Article 26-System Board, Article 25-Grievance Procedure, Article 30-Health and Safety, Article 33-Union Security and Maintenance of Membership and Article 35-Amendments to this Agreement. The Company passed a response to Article 16-Medical Examinations and Article 30-Health and Safety. The Committee worked to put together counter proposals and submit new proposals for the following day.

On Thursday, December 18th, we met with the company and gave them a counter proposal for Article 30-Health and Safety. We also gave the company proposals on Article 17-Leaves of Absence, Article 21-Limited Duty, Article 23-Uniforms, Article 31-Part-time Employees and Article 32-Call Monitoring. We also passed (presented) an Interim Agreement that would give the American employees an interim grievance procedure and allow furloughed or displaced employees of both airlines an opportunity to work for the other carrier before hiring off the street. We hope to have an agreement on this soon. We ended the session by reaching a Tentative Agreement on Article 1- Purpose of Agreement, Article22-Probation, Article 33-Union Security and Maintenance of Membership and Article35-Amendments to this Agreement and set locations for the future bargaining dates.

Our next scheduled bargaining session is in Dallas on January 13, 14 and 15.