DFW Overtime Grievance

January 31st, 2016

A contract interpretation grievance was filed at DFW for improper overtime payments for HW for LAA agents on Jan 1 and Jan 18. Some agents worked over 12 hours on their HW and were only paid time and one half (1.5) pay. A response was received today and the company will go back to ensure all those who worked overtime on the HW Jan 1 and Jan 18 will be paid double time for all hours over 12 and for the remaining 2016 holidays.

Holidays for the transition year of 2016 for LAA agents are paid at time and one half pay for hours worked up to 12. Over 12 hours will be paid at double time rates for overtime. Beginning in 2017 holidays will be paid as straight time (plus your additional holiday vacation day) and will be double time for overtime worked over 8 hours.

Check your paycheck if you worked over 12 hours on New Years Day and Martin Luther King Day to see if you were paid properly. If not, watch for a pay correction or contact local personnel who handle time cards.

Click PDF iconhere to see the grievance and PDF iconhere to see the company’s response.