Merger To Create ‘New American Airlines’

February 14, 2013

The boards of AMR and US Airways announced today that they have agreed to merge and create the world’s largest carrier, a new American Airlines, likely setting the stage for an eventual joint election for CWA representation among the agents of both airlines.

CWA said it would support the merger throughout the review process, calling the merger a positive development for workers at both airlines.

“Under the US Airways management team, this merger offers a huge opportunity for union workers from the reservations office to the cabin to ground operations to work together and create a global model of what flying and work life can be,” CWA said in a statement. “That’s a big plus for customers as well.”

“Passenger service agents at American Airlines now have an opportunity to get the union voice they want and to join with their colleagues at US Airways, where some 6,000 agents already have union representation.”

The merger must be approved by the bankruptcy court and by federal regulators, a process that could take many months. Once it is approved, we can petition the National Mediation Board for a determination that a “single transportation system” exists for the purpose of representation. The US Airways agents already are represented by CWA.

US Airways CEO Doug Parker will become CEO of the new airline and a member of the Board of Directors. American Airlines CEO Tom Horton will serve as chairman of the board until the first stockholders meeting, when Parker will also assume that title.

In the announcement, Parker said the merger “will create a stronger company, with the path to improved compensation and benefits and greater long-term opportunities for all our employees.”

“We are grateful to have the support of both companies’ unions and thank them and their leaders for their hard work and vision,” Parker continued. “We look forward to a bright future for our employees and enhanced service and choice for our customers.”

For more information about how the merger will affect us, see the “Questions from Agents” section on the home page.