Red Wristbands on March 4th!

March 3, 2014

March Forth for March Fourth!

Passenger Service Employees at the new American Airlines will be part of a nationwide show of solidarity on March 4th. We will be wearing red wristbands to show our unity and dedication to achieving a unified voice at work.

March 4th Mobilization

The wristbands say, “Our Voice is Stronger Together,” to show our commitment to both the job security, fair pay and respect we deserve and will achieve with the CWA-IBT Association, and to working together to make the new American Airlines the best carrier in the country.

We will be holding unity events at locations across the country on March 4th. These events, in addition to being a great opportunity to meet more of our soon-to-be coworkers, are a chance to share your story of why you are fighting for representation on the job.

We are looking for pictures of American Airlines and US Airways workers at your location showing off their wristbands on March 4th, which we will be sharing on our new Facebook page and our new website at Email your pictures to: [email protected]