September 25th Bargaining Update

September 25th, 2015

Your CWA/IBT Association Bargaining Committee met last week, September 21-25. We signed tentative agreements on Article 19 Holidays and Article 20 Vacations. Here is a PDF icon downloadable PDF of the most recent list of tentatively agreed upon articles.

The rest of the week was spent in discussions on the Delta wages and scope. Scope Article 3 in our contract provides protection for exclusive work as well as the work that a vendor could perform, identifies how class I and II cities are determined, and how a change in classification is achieved. The company changed directions in their discussions regarding scope–going backwards in the ability to reach an agreement–which would protect our work and stations that are represented.

Our American brothers and sisters overwhelmingly voted for the union in large part because the company arbitrarily outsourced several thousand jobs, offered a minimal percentage pay increase for some of the remaining passenger service employees, and took away benefits and pay from many of our remaining members. Our US Airways brothers and sisters refused to entertain an interim agreement that allowed the company to outsource our jobs and would have made us work side-by-side with vendors.

The company has taken a stand that they are interested in eliminating our members’ jobs and we know our union will not stand for this.

This is a very critical time in bargaining. It is time for EVERY member to mobilize.

The mobilization code message is STREET.