Solidarity in Charlotte: Agents March for Fairness

What a day in Charlotte! On March 19, 2018, more than 120 workers from BOS, PHX, HSV, SAT, and RIC joined CLT organizers in Charlotte to demand a fair contract and an end to poverty wages for Piedmont employees. The turnout for the action was amazing, with a sea of CWA red flowing through the streets. Crews from two local news teams showed up to interview participants. 

If you'd like to see some amazing photos from the event, check out our Facebook Album, and please share with everyone so we can get the word out.

Local 3645 VP and 13-year veteran Piedmont employee Donielle Prophete says, "Now is the time for Piedmont Airlines to stop playing these games and come to the negotiating table with fair wages and better verbiage in our new contract. We are not expecting mainline wages but $19 an hour max pay for a hub as big as Charlotte is just plain disrespectful." Donielle adds, "We need to be compensated and respected for our hard work and dedication to this company."

The organizers at CLT did brilliant work to make the day a success. Mobilization like this is the way we can ensure our voices are heard at the bargaining table as we move forward to #EndPovertyWages at Piedmont.

Crowd at CLT march 19 2018