Today is the Day

April 3, 2014

Today, agents and representatives with the new American Airlines filed with the National Mediation Board (NMB) for a single transportation system determination. What does that actually mean?

That we’ve taken the next step to winning our election and negotiating a contract that guarantees our rights and a strong voice at work! So what happens now?

The NMB will conduct an investigation to determine whether a single transportation system exists. They look at things like has the company centralized labor and personnel decisions, is there common management and board of directors, is there common marketing…

The CWA-IBT Association expects the NMB will determine that a single transportation system exists and they will then proceed with the process of the representation election which we expect this summer.

So what should we do now?

  • If you haven’t signed a unity card at US Airways or an authorization card at American Airlines and you support having a strong unified voice at work then sign one today, you can request one at
  • Wear your union pin at work to show that you’re committed to our campaign for representation.
  • Join our Town Hall Call next Thursday, April 10, at 12pm or8pm (et) to discuss our next steps or ask questions, register at
  • Make sure your home address is updated with the company. When it is time for voting instructions to be mailed out the company will give the NMB mailing labels based on what you have on file with them.

This is our time, let’s make our voices heard today!