Wear Pins for Solidarity on May 27th!

May 22nd, 2015

This Wednesday, May 27, is SOLIDARITY DAY for passenger service agents at the new American Airlines. The time is now to show our solidarity and support for each other and for our dedicated CWA-IBT bargaining team.

Step 1: On Wednesday, May 27, please wear your CWA Wing Pins. If you work in a Reservations Office or at home, wear RED.

Step 2: Take lots of pictures and email them to us at [email protected]. If you work at home, make it a SOLIDARITY SELFIE! Be sure to sent us a FULL SIZE version of your photos and tell us who you are and where you work.

Mailing CWA pins

Ready to mobilize! DFW agents Chris Kress and Janet Elston mail out pins for our first Solidarity Day.

We want to see every agent from PWM to MIA to DFW wearing a pin and a smile.

We’ll demonstrate to management that:

  • We are 100 percent behind our Bargaining Committee;
  • We are ready to stand up for an industry-leading contract for passenger service agents at the world’s biggest airline.

Wear your CWA Wing Pin on Wednesday, May 27.
Show Management that We are Union Strong. We are One.