Week of Action at DFW

June 18, 2013

Joint training with American and US Airways agents has yielded a “Week of Action” in Dallas-Ft. Worth, with four US Airways agents and representatives meeting with res agents at the Southwest Regional Office (SRO) and visiting DFW to discuss the importance of representation for airport agents.

Activities get underway Wednesday and Thursday with tables set up at the SRO to meet and greet. The visiting agents will be at DFW on Thursday and Friday, and will participate in SRO organizing committee conference calls on Thursday and meet with groups of American Airlines activists. The Week of Action will culminate in an all-day open house for all DFW and SRO agents on Saturday.

As SRO agent Karen Hoteling related during the Town Hall call last week, the Week of Action grew out of a joint training session she attended last month in Charlotte.

“During this training I could feel that the agents are united and were willing to work hard to retain CWA representation,” Hoteling said. “I was glad to see that US Airways and American airport agents had already started working together at many locations.  I asked a number of US Airways agents to please come to my office to speak to the American Agents, and they are coming!”

Latekia Bush, SRO, said she is excited about the opportunity to connect with US Airways agents. “Getting to know the US Airways people, and how having a union has made a big difference for them, is one of our big goals,” she said. “Since we don’t see US Airways people in our day-to-day work at the SRO, and not at all for us who are home-based, we’re trying some creative ways to link up and be in touch.”

If you’d like more information about the activities this week, call 817-868-9933, or send an email to [email protected].