Welcome to New Members and Officers in Locals 4201 and 6001

April 28th, 2016

Welcome and congratulations to our new American Airlines members and elected officers in Locals 4201 and 6001! The leadership teams for both Locals are in the midst of training and setting up their organizations, and they thank all members for their patience and encouragement.

Local 4201

Local 4201 represents American Airlines agents at stations in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois, including the American hub at ORD. Members elected a group of dedicated officers last fall, including:

President Jackie Taylor
Vice President Carolyn Marsalek
Treasurer Liz Vaca
Secretary Marilyn Cruz-Harper
Area Representative Laura Crosley (IN and MI)
Area Representative Renee Ribant (ORD)

All of the Local 4201 officers say they are looking forward to meeting with members, visiting all the stations, and getting feedback and suggestions as to how the Local can best serve everyone’s needs. After being sworn in officially in January, the Local 4201 team completed training courses and hit the ground running, already posting a victory in their first grievance case. “We’re all excited to get started, and learn the ropes in our new positions,” said President Jackie Taylor. “We want to hear from our members about their priorities, and we also want to put together a strong legislative program in this election year.”

Local 4201held its first steward training classes on April 19 and 21. Please email Ron Honse (rhonse (at) cwa-union.org ) if you’d like to join the team.

Local 6001

In Local 6001, members elected the following new group of officers:

President Tammy Woods
Vice President Donna Bryant
Treasurer Natalie Bledsoe
Area Representative Jackie Taylor-Wells
Area Representative Juanita Brown
Area Representative Angela Ellington
Area Representative Barrye Fregia
Area representative Shiela Bachtell

The officers are being trained and sworn in this month and are eagerly preparing to serve members in District 6, covering Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. They are planning station meetings to check in across the District and are building a new web site and communications tools to serve all agents. Membership meetings are in the works and will be announced soon.

President Tammy Woods says, “We couldn’t be more proud to serve our fellow members in Local 6001. We anticipate training at least 150 stewards, starting in late April.” She added, “We especially look forward to getting the expertise of LUS employees who have been waiting in the wings as 6001 gets up and running. And we’d like to welcome all the Texas members formerly with IBT and St. Louis members who were formerly with CWA Local 1171. Glad to have you in the 6001 family!”