What Comes Next

October 3, 2014

After the celebrations ended, newly represented agents and representatives from Legacy American Airlines immediately hit the ground running to get us towards negotiating a unified contract as soon as possible.

Before anything else can happen, eligible workers need to sign up as members of CWA by filling out the PDF icon membership form. Signing up as a member means you will be able to make your voice heard in our bargaining priorities survey, it also means you can run or nominate someone to be a PDF icon Steering Committee member nominations due 10/17.

It should come as no surprise that the activist structure we’ve spent years building and honing immediately kicked into gear and membership signups started coming in from across the country. Places like Chicago have almost 50% signed up of eligible workers as members and we already have over 1,000 signed up nationwide, now let’s keep those signups coming!

Here’s what happens next:

  • Members will continue to sign up to join CWA
  • Bargaining priorities survey will go out to membership
  • Steering committee nominations turned in on October 17th
  • Steering committee members will meet in Dallas October 28th and 29th to review survey results and select Bargaining Committee members.
  • Then in November the full Bargaining Committee (including Legacy US Air and Teamsters) we will hopefully meet with management and start bargaining a unified contract.

Between now and then, the most important things are to make sure you and all of your coworkers have filled out a PDF icon CWA membership application, find opportunities to PDF icon volunteer with your new local structure and continue to have discussions about what you want our voice at American Airlines to look like.