American Airlines will be sending Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notifications, or WARN Act notifications, to CWA/IBT Association-covered employees. This notice, which is required by law, will contain information indicating that AA may furlough employees. This does NOT mean you will be furloughed.
American Airlines is now accepting new applications for VLOA that would run through September 30, 2020. Applications are due before midnight Central Time on June 27, 2020. All U.S.-based mainline employees except pilots are eligible to apply.
Based on advice from our legal team and agreement with the Teamsters, we have decided not to open bargaining on our contract this year. We will wait until the next amendable period in the hope that the airline's economic status improves so that we would not be forced to bargain over concessionary proposals.
May 1st celebrates International Workers’ Day, a recognition of the immense strides made by workers in the late 19th century as they fought for basic rights on the job.
As Chair of the Agent Advisory Board, I was invited to Doug Parker’s quarterly meeting with union leaders, including the CWA-IBT Association, to hear the earnings report. Doug Parker’s leadership team also attended.
Want to find out the latest news on our election? Listen to what activists with the CWA-IBT Association had to say on our April Town Hall Call.
Today, agents and representatives with the new American Airlines filed with the National Mediation Board (NMB) for a single transportation system determination. What does that actually mean?
Our March 4th day of action was a huge success.
Passenger Service Employees at the new American Airlines will be part of a nationwide show of solidarity on March 4th. We will be wearing red wristbands to show our unity and dedication to achieving a unified voice at work.
For American Airlines Home Based Representatives, getting information and getting organized with our campaign has been extra challenging.
“The example of US Airways proves that bringing jobs back to the United States is a viable pathway.”