I’m Voting YES for Our New American Airlines

Thoughts from Pam Stampp, American Airlines Home Based Rep., SRO

I’ve only worked at American Airlines for a bit over a year, but I can see that we need a voice to fight for fairness and equality at our company. Even before I started working here, I always flew American and loved the company and the people. Now that I’m part of the new American family, I want to do everything I can to make sure that other passengers have that same experience.

And that starts with respecting employees.

Before joining American Airlines, I worked in another company where we had union representation. That meant that workers’ voices were heard through things like a fair grievance process, which we desperately need at American. We also had better pay and benefits, a better work-life balance where schedules aren’t so hectic, and of course, job security that meant we didn’t fear for our careers.

With representation, we could fight today’s unfair policies like the treatment of home-based workers.

We save the company a huge amount of money in real estate and office management, so why do they keep us locked into a worse benefit and pay scale and refuse to help defray the costs of phone and internet?

Because American Airlines doesn’t recognize that WE are the company’s most valuable assets; that WE are the ones customers interact with every day. If you want to build the world’s best carrier, you need to show your employees you value them.

Anyone who thinks they can save their job by keeping quiet and voting against representation hasn’t paid attention to the history of what happens after lost elections.

We need everyone to vote NOW with the access code on the first page of your voting instructions. We can’t take any vote for granted, and need to talk to every single supporter until we confirm they’ve voted.

This is a new day at the new American Airlines; let’s make sure we can move forward with the CWA-IBT Association.