I Want My Dignity Back

Thoughts from Barbara Anderson, American Airlines Premium Services, ORD

After over a dozen years at American Airlines, I have never felt as embarrassed and belittled as I did by what the company did in bankruptcy; they demoted us to level 84 en masse, made me re-interview for my job, and that was just the start.

We had been accruing paid vacation like normal, and then the company decides out of nowhere too bad, you can take two weeks as paid vacation and the rest is now all unpaid and you have to take it. The took away our health-care options and left us with a $2,000 deductible.

I’m still here because I care about our club customers and enjoy the work, even if American Airlines isn’t letting me do it properly right now. We take care of the company’s top-tier clients, people who are in and out of airports weekly, and we spend years developing those relationships.

But now the company says I can’t assist my clients and have to hand them off to someone totally new at this? The customers are unhappy and so am I.

It doesn’t have to be this way though.

I’ve gotten more and more involved with our organizing campaign because I believe we need representation, and I know we’ll never have a better chance to win than now.

Our club is now fully integrated with US Airways, so I tell anyone on the fence about representation they don’t have any excuse. Talk to the US Airways folks who have a contract and I guarantee they don’t want to give it up.

If you like your job now, listen to what the CWA-IBT Association has to say, because things will keep getting worse the longer we go without representation.

I’m incredibly proud of our #1 status, but the company refuses to treat me equally, and I won’t take it anymore. That’s why I’m voting YES for the CWA-IBT Association.