It’s Time for a New Start at Our New American Airlines

Thoughts from Roxanne Hartfield, American Airlines Agent, LGA

I believe in providing high-quality customer service, and I know our customers expect the same thing. That’s why I’m so disheartened by how things are at LaGuardia today. We have managers doing our work because we are so chronically understaffed and they won’t hire enough full-time workers or pay overtime.

When we have to cancel our scheduled vacations not because of emergency circumstances, but because of routine poor planning, something has to change.

I worked at TWA before the merger with American Airlines, so I know what union representation is like. And while I know our industry has changed with increased competition from global and low-cost domestic carriers, I am 100% confident that with CWA-IBT Association representation we can return American Airlines to a company where someone can build a career providing great customer service.

Could you imagine what would happen if a station manager tried to fill in for a pilot? Now I’m not claiming to know how to fly a plane, but after 25 years I know a few things about customer service our managers just don’t.

Roxanne Hartfield

Of course, we can’t snap our fingers, say the word union and walk into a new company the next day.

But after decades of struggling to have a voice in the decisions that impact us, I’m ready to try something new and take the first step by voting union YES!

If our new management is truly committed to turning over a new leaf, they won’t find a bigger cheerleader than me. But after years of promises and having the rug pulled from under us, taking them at their word isn’t enough

It’s time for a written contract with real guarantees about job protection and improved working conditions.

It’s time to stand with our new US Airways sisters and brothers to demand medical benefits for retirees, a transparent and fair grievance procedure and a real voice at work.

It’s time to vote YES for CWA-IBT Association representation.