At LAX, Agents Gain Strength Together

Thoughts from Eva Solis, American Airlines PSA, LAX

After 25 years at American Airlines, the thing that gets me the most is the inconsistency. Managers should not be allowed to just make up rules on the fly, and a voice on the job through representation is the only way we can change this.

At LAX, we just saw how powerful agents can be when we stand together.

Two agents on our local advisory board, along with management, decided it was time to make some sweeping changes to our airport policies and procedures.

They seemed all set to put the new rules into effect, without bothering to consult any of us, until we got wind of the proposal.

We made enough noise that they probably heard it in Dallas, telling management that changing our rules without our input wasn’t going to fly, and they listened. Suddenly, everyone was getting an email from management explaining the proposal and how much they wanted our input.

We have power in collective action, and with representation we can ensure the rule-making process is transparent and our voice is heard. We can also make sure that management sticks to their word.

One of our LAX agents was injured on the job and was only cleared for restricted/transitional duty due to the injury. After placing her at various positions, management put her in a supervisory role with increased pay, but we stood up for what was fair and that was stopped. Except then, with no small amount of irony, they made her a ticket counter PSR.

Now I don’t know about you, but I had a lot of friends who were PSR’s before American Airlines outsourced their position during bankruptcy. Management then said those positions didn’t have any chance of recall because they never intended to hire for them again, using instead the now infamous redcoats. I’ve asked former PSR’s who’ve now taken American Eagle positions, and not one of them heard about this position being brought back.

I’m standing up for our voice at work because we deserve to have a clear understanding of what procedures management is following and how decisions are being made.

I know people are afraid to speak up, but it is time to realize that we have everything to lose if we don’t do something now. We don’t have any real say in how things are done, and I for one am tired of the constant fear of what will happen next.

It’s time to organize for representation and make sure our voice is finally heard.

LAX American Agents