Let’s Get Out Every Vote Between Now and September 16

Thoughts from Barb Tobin, Local President & Deborah Pace-Robinson, Organizational Chair, US Airways, PHL, Local 13301

We’ve come a long way at US Airways and we don’t intend to go back!

When we first started at US Airways, it was a great company despite not having a Union. Everyone was getting paid well and it was an exciting industry to start a career in in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Practically the whole industry was booming!

But times have changed, and after bankruptcies, the Company underfunding our Pensions and two bankruptcies plus mergers it has become clear that we can’t count on management to take care of us.

So, we’ve got to do it ourselves, and that is why we must vote YES in this election!!!

Today, we’re proud to say that in our Local 13301, Philadelphia, Allentown, Wilkes-Barre, and Harrisburg just under 1000 in membership know we need a Union. All our members in our airports are excited to win this election so we can negotiate a better contract to cover workers from both groups system-wide. That’s why we’re so focused on mobilizing and getting out the vote.

This election will make a huge difference in all of our lives moving forward.

In the Philadelphia Airport alone, we have over 60 mobilizers spread across 5 buildings and many departments. We are reaching out to every single person to make sure they are ready to vote as soon as their voting instructions arrive after August 15th. We are proud to say we are almost a 100% YES VOTE which sends a strong statement.

We need to strike while the iron is hot and WIN! Then we can survey everyone at both carriers to find out the top issues and bargaining priorities and begin bargaining a new contract to cover us!

We are so close to the finish line. Let’s make sure everyone votes YES so our voices can become one in the CWA-IBT Passenger Service Association.