Support of US Airways Agents is Key to Success

Thoughts from Tracy Binkley, US Airways Customer Service, INT

I have worked in reservations at US Airways in Winston-Salem, NC, since 1994. I was very active when we organized our union back in 1996 and 1997. And I’m proud to be helping agents at American Airlines win a voice on the job now.

Every week, I talk to American employees and hear their stories of what it’s like to work for a non-union carrier, especially one that’s fighting against the workers’ efforts to organize their union. The home-based agents have a very difficult time. They have to pay out of their own pockets for the equipment they use for work. They don’t get paid vacation or sick leave, and most have to work another job to make ends meet.

I tell them about our contract, which says that if US Airways ever institutes a home-based program, it will be optional and agents who choose to work from home will get the same benefits as those who work in the reservations office.
Helping agents organize their union and really build a movement for workers’ rights is so gratifying.

I was raised in a CWA household as both my parents were employed by Western Electric in Winston-Salem from the late 1940s until 1982.

I knew from a very early age the importance of having a union and a collective voice. I am trying to instill in my teenage son an understanding of the real power of union solidarity.

When we stick together, we can make real changes happen. I hope one day he’ll share that message with his kids.