Building Our Organization

February 7, 2013

CWA is committed to working with American Airlines agents to prepare for what’s next, whether for a joint election with US Airways or as a “standalone” carrier. So we’re forging ahead. As one member of the agents organizing committee said, “Even without a contract there is nothing to stop us from pursuing collective action to address our issues.”

The first step is to identify supporters who want to serve as stewards and to train others to serve as stewards. You can nominate yourself to participate in one-day steward training or a two-day “train the trainer” session in the DFW area by downloading and filling out the form posted here.

To participate in the “train-the-trainer” session at DFW, you must mail in the form by Feb. 15. Participants should fly into DFW on Feb. 25 and be prepared for a full day of training on Feb. 26 and until 2 p.m. on Feb. 27.

The steward training sessions will be held at various work locations, based on our response in returning the self-nomination forms. Training will include learning how to assist agents with grievances, conduct surveys to identify issues for collective action and mobilizing agents to act on those issues. Volunteers are needed from all sectors – Reservations, Airport, Admirals Club and CBS.

If you have any questions, please contact your organizer or call the office at 817-868-9933. You can also send email to [email protected].