American Airlines Passenger Service Professionals

In December, Executive Board members from INT and RDU came together at a Local 3640 meeting in Winston Salem, North Carolina, to share ideas and get to know each other's concerns.
“We work for the same corporation, and we wear the same uniform, so let's stand up for each other,” says Carolyn Marsalek, a thirty-year veteran of the busy American Airlines ORD station and vice president of CWA Local 4201.

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“I’m thrilled that we’re now under the same protective umbrella as other airline employees. We’re on the front line: when passengers get mad we hear about it first. It’s a great victory. It looks like all of our work paid off. United action really works.” —DeAnna Davis, Envoy, BPT
Thoughts from Brandy Ledbetter, US Airways Airport Agent, SLC
Thoughts from Richard Shaughnessy, American Airlines Airport Agent, MIA
Thoughts from Barb Tobin, Local President & Deborah Pace-Robinson, Organizational Chair, US Airways, PHL, Local 13301