Collective Bargaining Implementation Update

December 16th, 2015

[Revised, 1/13/2016]

Now that the American Airlines contract has been ratified, CWA and IBT have been meeting with the company to come to an agreement on the implementation. This will be done in phases, because the computer systems for American cannot be programmed to accommodate all the changes immediately.

The increase in Base Wages went into effect for all employees on December 7th. The negotiated wage increase will be in your paycheck the week of December 24th.

The increase in Premiums was effective on December 1st, but the antiquated systems could not accommodate the change. The system does recognize the change effective December 7th. Time-and-a-half overtime wages will be paid to you as they should be.

Overtime in excess of 4 hours per day or 8 hours cumulatively per week will be paid as double time for your hourly wage rate. 

Overtime worked in excess of 4 hours on a scheduled work day will be paid at double-time.

Weekly double time is paid after 8 hours of time-and-one-half has been paid for overtime worked on scheduled days off.

The newly negotiated daily and weekly double time payments are effective on December 7th for LUS employees, December 7th for daily overtime qualifiers, and December 12th for weekly overtime qualifiers for LAA employees due to the different pay periods.

We agreed to a one-time lump sum settlement for the premiums and overtime from December 1st to December 6th. The lump sum is $12.65 per person. This will be paid in your check some time in late January or early February.

The Article 2 Change in Control grievance settlement provides payments of $1000 for each full-time employee and $500 for each part-time employee who was on the payroll as of December 9th, 2013, and remains on the payroll today. You will receive your Change in Control Settlement of $500  or $1000 during the last pay period of January or the 1st pay period of February.

We will send reports on further implementation items when they are available. Should you have any questions, please contact your staff representative or send us an email.

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Safe Holiday Season.