CWA-IBT Association of Passenger Service Employees at American Airlines Tentative Agreement

October 20, 2015

The full Tentative Agreement in two parts is available for download by clicking PDF icon HERE for Articles 1 through 12 and PDF icon HERE for Articles 13 through 37.

Click on the links below to download individual articles.

PDF icon article_1_purpose.pdf Purpose of Agreement
PDF icon article_2_status.pdf Status of Agreement
PDF icon ta_article_3_rev_10_30_15.pdf Recognition and Scope (note: revised version posted on 10/30/15; absolutely no furlough unless force majeure is triggered)
PDF icon article_4_groups_classification.pdf Groups/Classifications
PDF icon article_5_hours_of_service.pdf Hours of Service
PDF icon article_6_overtime_cs.pdf Overtime, Customer Service
PDF icon article_7_ot_res_and_23_uniforms.pdf Overtime, Reservations
PDF icon article_8_seniority.pdf Seniority
PDF icon article_9_filling_of_vacancies.pdf Filling of Vacancies
PDF icon article_10_temporary_employees.pdf Temporary Employees
PDF icon article_11_seasonal_employee_transfer.pdf Seasonal Employee Transfer
PDF icon article_12_reductions_in_force.pdf Reductions in Force
PDF icon article_13_vol_furlough.pdf Voluntary Furlough
PDF icon article_14_recall.pdf Recall
PDF icon article_15_furlough_benefits.pdfFurlough Benefits
PDF icon article_16_medical_examinations.pdf Medical Examinations
PDF icon article-17-leaves-of-absence-tad-10.09.2015-revised.pdfLeaves of Absence
PDF icon article_18_sick_leave.pdf Sick Leave
PDF icon article_19_holiday_vacation.pdf Holiday Vacation
PDF icon article_20_vacations.pdf Vacations
PDF icon article_21_limited_duty.pdf Limited Duty
PDF icon article_22_probation.pdf Probation
PDF icon article_23_uniforms.pdf Uniforms
PDF icon article_24_shift_definitions_and_premiums.pdf Shift Definitions and Premiums
PDF icon article_25_grievance_procedure.pdf Grievance Procedure
PDF icon article_26_system_boards_of_arbitration.pdf System Boards of Arbitration
PDF icon article_27_insurance_retirement_etc.pdf Insurance, Retirement, and Other Benefits
PDF icon article_28_retirement_plan.pdf Retirement Plan
PDF icon ta_article-29-sig-page.pdf Training, Travel Pay, and Meal Per Diem
PDF icon article_30_safety_health.pdf Safety and Health
PDF icon article_31_part_time_employees.pdf Part-Time Employees
PDF icon article_32_call_monitoring.pdf Call Monitoring
PDF icon article_33_union_security.pdf Union Security and Maintenance of Membership
PDF icon article_34_general_miscellaneous.pdf General and Miscellaneous
PDF icon article_35_amendments.pdf Amendments to this Agreement
PDF icon article-36-v2.pdf Compensation,Proposed Wage Scales
PDF icon article_37_duration.pdf Duration

PDF icon loa-seniority-integration.pdf (signed 11/10/2015, posted 11/11/2015)
PDF icon loa_spanish_desk_and_pay_date_seniority.pdf
PDF icon loa-pss-healthcare-bso.pdf
PDF icon loa-interim_grievance_procedure_and_preferential_hiring.pdf (February 11, 2015)