Update on New Uniforms

December 6, 2016

Your CWA-IBT representatives have been in contact with the company regarding some members’ physical reactions to the fabric of their new uniforms. The company has agreed to allow anyone who had a negative reaction to turn in the problem uniform and request a new one made of alternative fabric.

Some members have already received replacement uniforms, and we are encouraged by the positive feedback so far. However, we continue work with the company to ensure uniforms are tested and retested, putting our members’ health and safety first. Current test results show the new uniforms are well within the U.S. standards for safety that all garments must meet.

The company has agreed to a third split test of the uniforms, in which the CWA-IBT Association will participate. We will help select the garments that will be sent to independent laboratories. The tests take approximately six weeks to complete, and we are confident that they are thorough.
If you have ordered an alternate fabric uniform but have not received it and don’t have your old uniform available, you may purchase shirt, slacks, or a skirt in the correct colors and be reimbursed for a reasonable amount. We will send the details about making these purchases as soon as possible, so watch your email and our Facebook page for those updates.