We’re Getting Ready for Our Merger

July 6, 2013

With the merger of US Airways and American Airlines expected to be approved in August, agents and representatives at both carriers are launching our campaign for CWA representation at the combined airline.

After the merger is finalized and we are ready to move forward with an election for our combined unit, CWA will petition the National Mediation Board (NMB) to recognize that a single transportation system exists.

At that time, we will need to show the NMB that at least 50% of the entire group wants to be represented by our union. Then, the NMB will schedule a new union election, and the group will have a chance to vote for CWA representation.

Throughout this process, US Airways agents and representatives will continue to be covered by their union contract. After the heart breaking election loss earlier this year by only 150 votes, this is the best chance of gaining a real voice on the job.

If we lose, employees from both airlines will immediately be at the mercy of management. The US Airways contract will continue to cover US Airways employees until a new one is negotiated. So, we must organize and mobilize now to make sure we can win a combined election when the time comes.

Organizers at every station and reservation center are building a structure to deliver accurate information and organize actions. In the coming weeks and months, we will keep you informed through our mobilization structure, Town Hall calls, and a variety of on-line resources like www.american-agents.org and Facebook.

It is critically important that we stay informed and get involved. We’re stronger together!

To volunteer and get involved call 817-868-9933.