September 17, 2014

Nearly 20 years after passenger service agents at American Airlines started working towards a voice at work, yesterday we won our election for CWA-IBT representation at the new combined American Airlines!

Out of 11,187 total votes cast (13,962 eligible), a resounding 9,640 (86%) voted in favor of representation.

This is a huge victory for both legacy American Airlines workers who finally get to join our union and legacy US Airways workers who will continue to have a strong voice on the job. In fact, with nearly 9,000 legacy American Airlines workers joining CWA and IBT this is the biggest union organizing win in the south in decades.

Our work isn’t over though, and now that we’ve won the right to a union it’s time to take action and make our voices heard. The first step is to download and fill out a membership form. If you work at a CWA location download a PDF icon CWA Membership Application. If you work at an IBT location download a PDF icon IBT Membership Application. If you are interested in getting more involved with CWA, you can find out some of the local opportunities by filling out this PDF icon Information Form.

Once we have all of our newly represented workers signed up as members, we can start our survey on people’s bargaining priorities and get to negotiating a contract as soon as possible.